Our Staff

Our Staff – Resident Engineers

Craig Grove BSc (Hons), DipHE

Craig has been working in recording studios in the West Midlands area for over 25 years and is also an accomplished software engineer. In 1983 he built his own MIDI interface and wrote one of the first sequencer packages. He also manged to turn his BBC micro into an 8-bit sampler. Since then Craig has been involved with many software projects as diverse as control for Nuclear power stations and the NASA space-shuttle programme (honest!!).

Recently, Craig gave up computing to be a lecturer in Music Technology at a local college, teaching up to HND level. He also one of the producers for Robert Plant’s MAS record label. Craig is also a musician (keyboards) and has been performing in bands since the 80s.

Robin (Bob or Sir Bobbington) Groucutt

Bob comes from a very musical family indeed. For those of you who haven’t heard the name ‘Groucutt’ before (shame on you), just do a search on Google! Bob is qualified at HND level in ‘Music for Film’ and does a lot of his work in his home studio. He has been in studios as an engineer and artist for over 10 years.

Bob is also a passionate composer, songwriter and bassist and has recently had his work performed in front of Prince Edward.

Stu Macaulley

Even when Stu was a student it was obvious that his abilty and keenness were exemplary, producing top-notch recordings with professional sheen. Since then Stu has undertaken a successful career as a live sound engineer and works his magic throughout the UK.

Like all the engineers at Storm, Stu is also a performing musician (bassist) and has gigged all round the country.

Charley, the studio cat

Despite his tender years (he’s only 3), Charley really enjoys playing keyboards and practices whenever he can (usually when a keyboard is switched on and left unattended). He is a big fan of film music with polychords using pads and evolving textures. His compositions are probably best described as avant-garde but he really knows how to unleash those eerie textures just when you least expect it. We are still trying to figure out some of the chords he uses – as he plays with his paws, tail and sometimes his stomach! a true musical genius.

The icing on the cake – Session Musicians and Producers (P.O.A.)

Session Producer – Paul (Tim, Timmy Vegas, Wikkaman etc…) Timothy

Tim, together with Andy Ward, make up Soul Central who have recently reached No 5 in the UK chart with ‘Strings of Life feat. Kathy Brown’.

He started out writing music for an off Broadway musical in 1988 called “The Last Farwell “. It was whilst on a visit to New York that he heard the soulful garage sounds of the late DJ Ernie Kendall in big house…the club that went on to become ‘Giant Step’. On his return to the UK he started a sound system and soon was djing in raves such as Raw, Time Out and Pandemonium. Unhappy with the hard UK sound of the time, he moved into the production arena, as well as playing in experimental jazz band “Juggernaut “. He is an amazing producer, instinctively knowing how to get the best from people with his friendly and non-threatening approach.

Tim is also a damn good keyboard player, especially with Rhodes and Hammond. He used to play with Robert Plant in Priory of Brion. Robert said to him recently “I’ve heard you’re doing very well with the homosexual music you’re making”! Tim took it as a compliment…

Session Drummer – Mick Tongue

Anyone from the local music scene will know Mick, and anyone who knows Mick will know how well he plays drums! Insplired by the playing of Keith Moon and John Bonham, he is much sought after for his drumming talents by local bands. He was most recently the drummer in local rock band ‘Riot’.

Mick is a performing musician and drum tutor, oh, and you can sometimes see him busking in Stourbridge subways!

Session Keyboard Player – Jon Bates

Once voted as one of the top-5 keyboard players in the world! Jon has giged with the likes of Robert Plant and the Stranglers.

Jon has also produced piano and keyboard tuition videos and was a keyboard tutor for 20 years, becoming one of Yamaha’s most senior tutors. He is also a regular reviewer of hi-tech equipment for magazines such as Music Mart.

Nowadays, Jon is a Senior lecturer in Music Technology and gigs at pro-level with several artists.